Editorial comment – Counting down the days

First-time voters, Katarina Vatanisomo, 21, and Vitorina Veikoso, 21, and Lonisa Baleisuva, 21, pose for a picture after voting at the Kilaka polling station in Kubulau, Bua. Picture: Sophie Ralulu

A day away from the start of the blackout period, there is a sense of great expectation in the air.

The countdown is nearing the end as the nation looks ahead to Election Day on December 14.

The political parties have raised the tempo in their campaigns around the country, hoping to round things off on a high note.

Today they have probably their final really big day to try and convince the masses to carry them into parliament.

They will want to engage the masses.

They will want to attract the undecided voter, and win their hearts and minds.

They will have their strategies to address any shortcomings and focus on loopholes they sense.

The parties know they have one final shot at trying to convince undecided voters to swing over.

The campaign period has been intense.

Targets and strategies have been different for the parties.

They have had to make appropriate changes to their focus of attack over the past two weeks.

For the keen follower of this rather interesting lead up to the elections, this was evident.

Whether parties tried to offer themselves as an alternative option for government, or strategically worked on the perception and mindset of the undecided voter, it made for an interesting period.

Campaigns can be quite tough.

They can be demanding and rather stressful.

They open up cans of worms so to speak, take a hit at images, and inch out frustration.

But it’s all part of the action of an election year.

At the end of the process, in the face of the debates, finger pointing, heated messages, name-calling, personal attacks and all the rest, sits the very important element in this process – the voter.

You have the power to vote in our government.

You have the power to decide who will lead us after December 14.

It has been an interesting campaign period for us as well.

Work, however, does not end here, much like it doesn’t for the parties.

We hope we have aided in disseminating news that was relevant.

We hope we have been able to help you understand the various parties better, and we hope we aided in raising issues of importance that you can relate to.

We know there are issues that will touch the heart of voters.

They will use them as leverage when making that important decision on Wednesday next week.

We now prepare for the next phase of this important process for our nation, just as you should be prepared for December 14.

The key is making the effort to cast that all important ballot, for yourself, and your country.

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